A Work of Art, Yes Indeed!

When we were thinking about developing the brand aesthetic for VERAGANO, we knew we needed one thing that consistently appears in our marketing materials. Something that would allow followers to recognize the brand instantaneously.

We thought a custom-designed, bright, and bold-colored backdrop that we could use regularly for our fashion shoots would be ideal in this case. And I thought a yellow-colored backdrop would contrast well with the brand’s primary color; turquoise. Yellow, according to psychologists, represents happiness, energy, optimism, positivity, and joy. Choosing which shade of yellow to use was a tough one actually, until I met Sarah Kate Hirth, an artist from Texas.

Sarah is the one who designed and hand-painted the 10 ft. by 12 ft. backdrop for VERAGANO 2021 campaigns.

All it took was a brief conversation with her about how we wanted the brand to appeal to career-driven women. We needed something that screams fun and joy. The pandemic, as it is, has made us all feel very depressed for quite some time now, and so anything visual that can help people feel joy, even if for a minute, would help. Then she showed me a picture of her recent artwork which was with a yellow background.

It was beautiful! The colors she used to contrast with the yellow background matched the colors of our shoes that season. Perfect, I thought. 

I also encouraged her to draw inspirations from the main features of our signature collections, especially the de Vera pump shoes, and de Serra sandal heels. And she got working on it almost immediately that day.

This is her work behind the scenes, in her studio. 

I couldn't be more pleased with what she came up with at the end.

Sarah explained, “My goal was to take your designs, something based in reality, and create a parallel in the abstract and surreal. I mainly focused on the feminine elements of the shoes. The soles are shaped like a woman’s torso. A scalloped edge runs down the side of the shoe. These feminine shapes appear throughout the painting. Focusing on the design elements allowed me to create a truly personal piece of art for VERAGANO.”

A work of Art, yes indeed!

Gerard Harrison, VERAGANO’s fashion photographer who turned his studio over to Sarah for the project, had a slightly different perspective.

“To do a non-representation artwork based on so familiar an object as a shoe was clearly a challenge. And to create a work that provided a vivid photographic backdrop when only small sections showed in each shot was an even further challenge. Watching Sarah work through the problem, from preliminary studies to final product, it became apparent that she was treating the shoes as an imaginative combination of design elements that aren’t about shoes. For example, as a key motif, she seemed to isolate the wave shape that travels down the quarter to the vamp. That wave form shows up in art from its earliest beginnings. The little studs that decorate some of the sandal straps became, at least to my eye, a little parade of Egyptian pyramids. She incorporated the more modern elements, as well, elements that draw everything into the present. The vamp ends in a beautiful sweetheart “neckline” above the toes, recalling dresses of the 40s and 50s. The architecture of the heel is strongly contemporary. And the overall shape of the VERAGANO pumps recalls the graceful silhouette of a woman’s torso -- an archetypical form that never loses its power. As Sarah worked through the project, it seemed to me that the painting wasn’t about shoes at all but was about the combination of the Rima’s and Sarah’s artistry. It was the meeting on a common ground of two creative minds.”

Some members of our marketing teams in New York and Singapore jumped to joy as they saw snippets of her work through our Instagram feed. One excitedly screamed, "We nailed it, Rima!". Another one thought it should be framed and mounted onto a feature wall of our flagship store in the future, wherever that may be.

Not long after that, the shoot for our Celebrate Love campaign began, with the artwork served as a backdrop for the photoshoot. Gerard was put in charge of the creative direction.

The result? Spectacular.

We have received positive feedback and compliments from fellow fashion designers and customers about the new look and feel of our website and social media accounts ever since.

VERAGANO looks refreshingly unique and more appealing now. We nailed it!

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