Plan for Life Beyond the Crisis

Life, as we know it, has significantly changed. We've all been affected by COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. Every day, we're adapting to an ever-changing world. But now, we need to look towards the future. We must plan for life beyond the crisis.

How we've adapted puts a spotlight on how we, as human beings, have changed our behavior. Besides utilizing technology to maximize productivity to serve customers or clients from a distance, we must be prepared to thrive in a fragile and robust economy.

Ease of social restrictions will take place soon, state by state, country by country. People will start commuting and traveling again, however, when necessary only.

Expect to see business and social gatherings to be happening again, too, but in smaller groups and clusters. What this means is that companies in the travel and event management industries will begin to increase the cost-per-participant since the cost-per-event remains the same regardless of the number of attendees. There will be a disproportionate gap between the middle and upper classes from now onwards.

The good news is, businesses, big and small, will restart their hiring processes again, but at a gradually slower pace.

Almost everyone will be competing with each other for a bigger slice of the pie in the next few months. Companies will come up with so many different ways to lower their burn rate, and thus competition in the job market will be stiff. If you are a high achiever, you, too, would want to fight for that dream job or at least remain indispensable in your current job position so that you can continue to maintain your current lifestyle.

Learning a new skill or mastering a technique in the meantime to differentiate ourselves from the rest would be essential in this case. Self-education will be the new norm.

Getting dressed for the job you want, whether at home or outside, will be fundamental to your pathway to success as companies will continue to interview candidates via video conferencing platforms. While in some ways the interviewing process has changed, the hiring criteria will remain the same.

The trend for online shopping will also spike so rapidly than it ever did before, as everyone will start preparing to leave the comfort of their homes for work or business, and even for leisure activities in the evenings and weekends. Everyone will be looking for high discount sales of clothing. But as savvy consumers of the post-Coronavirus era, we should start buying from brands that adopt the direct-to-consumer approach to save even more money. Or, better yet, get on email lists to enjoy even more discounts.

Expect to see companies competing with each other based on pricing models as demand escalates in the next few weeks. What this means is that there will be a lot of sales events online, so keep your eye out when on social media platforms.

More importantly, buy things that will last you for many years. Now is not the time to stockpile on things that don't last long. Let's begin to adopt the art of minimalism instead if you haven't done so already - buy for quality and durability, even if they're at a higher price, but you'll be buying less this time around.

At Veragano, we have adopted the direct-to-consumer approach as well. Cutting off the middle man helps us help our customers save even more money. Your direct feedback will also help us meet your need for your unique style and comfort that have been missing in the luxury shoe market.

We also use premium-quality vegetable-tanned leather materials to make sure we are in line with the overall mission of fashion environmental impact toward climate change. Rest assured, our collection of comfortable footwear will last you for many, many years. And while fast fashion-focused companies may consistently shoot for making trendy shoes that are perceived to be in style at the moment, Veragano is different. We seek to create timeless shoe designs and styles that are versatile, suitable to pair with just about any outfits, and for all occasions through the seasons.

Soon you will also see Veragano expand itself to produce clothing and handbags from Italy, to help boost its economy for the Italian people that have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.

Like all things, this health crisis shall pass for good, eventually, but we must start preparing ourselves for some significant changes, in the meantime, in the way we spend our money to help boost our economy. We have to think, operate, and lead our families, communities, and even our companies in new impactful ways as we enter a long phase of unprecedented uncertainty, life after Coronavirus.

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