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The Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. Like everything else, this too shall pass, but life must go on in the meantime.

If you are still earning a full-time income and working from home right now, you might be wondering how you, too, can support the global economy in every way that you can. Trust me; you don't want to live in a world where no one is buying anything anymore. The job that you still have right now may be lost soon enough if that happens.

The good news is, many businesses are offering products and services at a discount as a way to help them stay in business and to support their manufacturing partners that have been severely hit by this health crisis.

It is our social responsibility not only to stay home to save more lives but also many are looking for ways to support the economy that we can afford. So please don't stop shopping. Look for ways that support the causes that are important to you. Do your part to support the global economy that has been severely affected. Strong communities rally together in times like these.

At Veragano, we are acutely aware of the dire situation in our country and around the world. We have never thought we would launch our brand at a considerable discount. Still, here we are offering you 40% off on a pair of $500 worth of premium-quality, uniquely stylish, and comfortable pumps made in Italy.

We have posted a video comparing the quality of our shoes with that of Gucci's. You will find that the quality of Veragano shoes are not only comparable to luxury footwear brands but also cheaper, and now available for preorder at 40% off!

We're doing this for a particular and vital reason: we want to help the economy too, and that's why we need your help. By buying a pair of Veragano pumps, you're also helping us support the livelihood of our Italian suppliers and production team members in Italy at the same time.

Italy is the worst-hit nation of the Coronavirus crisis. If we don't support their livelihoods there, tradition and craftmanship will be lost for many many years and may disappear altogether. So get on now and pledge your commitment to support our campaign to help Italy. Our Italian friends need your help.

The best part is no payment is required yet. Not until we reach our target goal.

But you want a pair of timeless classic style pumps for work when this crisis is over. You want to be able to exude your best self and professional qualities with such uniquely stylish shoes. So go ahead and commit to preorder a pair right now. And then share this video with your friends. Urge them to help us help the forgotten heroes of Italy, the skillful artisans who make premium-quality shoes for you and me, to look forward to better days when this health crisis is over.

Until next time, take good care of yourself and each other. Stay home and be well.

Keeping shoes uniquely stylish,
Rima McDonald
Founder & CEO

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25 July, 2020

Halijah Binte Jantan

Beautiful and awesome opening and introduction!! Proud of you my dear Rima. Excellent Work and Well Done!! Well definitely support you.

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