Her-Shoes-Her Story: Brigitte Gardner in high-heels, feeling comfortable in her pump shoes.

High energy, motivated, and pleasant professional, Brigitte Gardner's primary goal in her career is to pursue excellence in everything she does at QVC. I had the opportunity to meet and interview her recently, right after Veragano's Wine and Shoe party via Zoom. For the most part, I was fascinated by her motivations in career, and her amazingly fun working experiences at QVC in Philadelphia, PA. 

Rima:If colleagues are to describe your character, what are the three words they would use?
Brigitte: I think they would use words like amiable, considerate, and sincere.

QVC video production and broadcasting team members
Rima: What was your inspiration to pursue a career at QVC?
Brigitte:I worked at QVC before, around thirty-two years ago.

QVC was a pivotal part of my life in my obtaining a bachelor's degree. During that time, I had to attend just one more class to graduate, but it was offered between 1:00 to 4:00 pm only. The timing didn't work for my eight to four working hours at QVC. So, I asked my supervisor if I could work on a split-shift while still keeping my job at the Company. They knew I needed to keep it to pay for school, and so they approved my request right away. I was extremely grateful ever since that working for QVC again, was an easy and natural choice.

The Company's core values and commitment to employees for career advancement were critical to my decision.

At the same time, I was also eager to see how QVC has evolved over the years and wanted to be a part of its next phase of growth, especially in a digital environment.

Learning about the various moving parts needed to run a "live", successful home shopping show was also crucial to my interest in pursuing a career at QVC again. 

Rima: What are the must-have pieces that make up your power outfit?

Brigitte: A tailored suit, sharp-looking pump shoes (my de Vera 70 by Veragano are perfect!), and a genuine leather carry-all bag with compartments for my phone, tablet, lunch, and purse.

Rima: What is your ultimate career goal at this point?
Brigitte: I want to be a pivotal player at QVC. I would love to be engaged with our Diversity and Inclusion Department and/ or at the Talent Acquisition department, or become a trainer for our Executive Assistant pool in my current department.

Rima: How do you balance work and life responsibilities?
Brigitte: With my experience in running my own business for over twenty years, I have learned that work-life balance is vital to one's well-being. This will help me in maintaining a healthy and progressive attitude, and to make positive strides every day. Allocating some time for self-rejuvenation is also essential to me. And so I set boundaries between work and family time.

In my family, we make sure that everyone sits down for dinner together every night without mobile devices on sight. My husband and I also commit to being spontaneous in spending quality time together. We go on dates and work on our yard together most of the time. That's how we make sure we are always spending time together!

I think it's also imperative to set priorities and goals in life. I write things down  so I could see I have actually made a lot of accomplishments throughout the day.

Rima: What is your best advice to women who are looking to advance their careers in the corporate world?
Brigitte: I believe you have to be confident about yourself, especially in your abilities. Do not be afraid to ask questions, be involved, and open to learning something new every day. I also feel you should challenge yourself sometimes. Think creatively by looking at things differently. Think outside the box. Also, make your presence known! And finally, be willing to step in and offer help as you engage yourself with your colleagues, supervisors, and leaders.

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