Claudia Wyatt: Spa Director & Esthetician

If there is one thing that the global pandemic has taught us, women professionals, it’s that we should never give up in finding a way to work around the challenges we faced despite the extraordinary circumstances we found ourselves in. Like many of us, Claudia Wyatt is one who does it all. She knows how to prioritize things in order of importance, to give her best. This is her shoes, her story.

Rima: If colleagues are to describe your character, what are the three words they would use?
Claudia: Confident, Empowering, Passionate.

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Rima: What are the must-have pieces that make up your power outfit?
Claudia: High heels, of course, to match with a black blazer over a red dress, and a designer tote or satchel. To complete the look, I wear a pair of simple-looking studs on my ears.

Rima: What was your inspiration in pursuing a career at William Wesley Grand Salon and Spa?
Claudia: I actually didn’t pursue them. I was recruited. They knew about my reputation in the luxury spa industry. They also knew my passion for helping people, and my love for Esthetics. I was considering coming back to this area of specialty at the time. The timing was perfect. They were building exactly what I believed in.

Rima: What is your ultimate career goal at this point?
Claudia: I would be honored to coach, educate and inspire people to be their best selves. I would absolutely love to motivationally speak outside of my community.  I also have a passion for writing. I see a best seller in my future.

Rima: How do you balance work and life responsibilities?
Claudia: Time. I have to make time. I make time for myself, work, family, friends, and my dog. If I have to say “No” to some things, I will say it. After all, I am only human. Everyone needs a break sometimes. So if I feel that I’m already overwhelmed with things, or when I knew I won’t be able to bring my best self to the table for another project, I’ll turn it down. I know how to prioritize. I am a big fan of lists too. If I have a great deal of work or things to be done, I will fuse the workload with self-care and relationships. Still, I will always have room for everyone and everything in my life; just not all at the same time. Anything that I’ve dedicated myself to do is already on my schedule and lists. This comes naturally for me since I’m an advocate for self-care. I make sure I practice what I preach with regular salon and spa treatments, acupuncture, long walks with my pug, brunch with my friends, and family dinners.

Rima: What is your best advice to women who are looking to embark themselves in the corporate world amidst a global health crisis?
Claudia: Don’t let anyone put your fire out. There is only ONE you in this world. You have something to bring to the table. You have a gift to share with the world. Show yourself, be brave, be confident. But be mindful of your time.

You got this! Be kind. Always use your good manners. Find your voice and use it for good. Bring your best self to the world and know you can make a difference every day.

More importantly, be safe, and take good care of yourself as well as others. Love what you do and stay true to who you really are, always!

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