Jules Wood: Fashion Director at Reserved Magazine

I've had the pleasure of meeting Jules Wood, the Editor-in-Chief and Fashion Director of Reserved Magazine, through a face-to-face virtual interview session with the fashion magazine recently. Having met someone well-versed in all things fashion, such as being in charge of creative directions for styling, editorials, lookbooks, and a vast experience working with celebrities for red carpet events, I was thrilled! I knew I could learn a lot from her that day. As she became a fan of Veragano comfortable high heels, I couldn't resist asking her questions about her style, career, and how she is coping with life amidst a health crisis. 

Rima: If colleagues are to describe your character, what are the three words they would use?
Jules: My colleagues would describe my character as quirky, fun, and loyal. They know I will always be there for them if they need me.

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Rima: What are the must-have pieces that make up your power outfit?
Jules: My must-have pieces are tailored suits, a good quality carry-all bag, and of course, Veragano shoes to complete the look. I like wearing kaftans to work too. 

Rima: What was your inspiration in pursuing a career at Reserved Magazine?Jules: I have always worked in a creative field, even when I was studying photography at the university. And so, when I traveled around Asia for work, I fell into the magazine world while living and working in Hong Kong. I was offered a position as the Fashion Editor of  B International in Hong Kong. That, in the end, landed me into the role of Editor-in-Chief, and subsequently owning it. I have since used Reserved as a platform for my activism work for the "Equal Means Equal" movement in which I am a part of an amazing organization that is trying to ratify the equal rights amendment.

Rima: What is your ultimate career/ business goal at this point?
Jules: My goal is to ratify the Era and use my skills to help people with their dreams and career goals. I'm going to be teaching a course to assist these young adults get into the fashion industry; I think it's important to pass on my knowledge and support the next generation.

Rima: How do you balance work and life responsibilities?
Jules: I find it very hard sometimes to balance my work and personal life. I started to turn my phone off and take mini trips to the desert, especially on weekends. I love going to the desert where I can sit under the stars. It's so quiet out there, and it helps with my mental health and well-being. We all need someplace like this in our lives, especially with all the chaos and turmoil that we are experiencing in the world right now. 

Rima: What is your best advice to women who are looking to advance their careers in the fashion world?
Jules: My advice is to work with a fashion stylist and study him or her as you are assisting. Be open to learning more than you want to learn. So, it's important to put in the work.

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