VERAGANO Mobilizes Women Professionals to Help Italy

MARCH 30, 2020 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA. - At 2:00 pm today, Veragano posted a plea directed at women professionals in America to step up to help Italy.

VERAGANO, a new Italian luxury fashion brand, started in San Francisco, launched its uniquely stylish, comfortable premium-quality pumps with a 40% discount, to encourage American professional women to be part of the Veragano story to help Italy.

"They (Italian suppliers and shoemakers) believed in my mission to help professional women own premium-quality, comfortable heels for work. They gave me a chance to get started with just a couple of prototypes. I could not have started this without their help. Now they need our help", said Rima McDonald, the founder of Veragano.

According to Rima, Italy being the most hard-hit nation needs assistance from the Americans right now. While help has been rendered to help Italy's medical professionals and healthcare workers, there has been no effort made to rescue the forgotten heroes of Italy, the shoe industry workers. "These workers will be struggling in a global downturn. We need to help them look forward to better days when the Coronavirus crisis is over. By committing to buy a pair of Veragano pumps today, you are directly supporting the livelihood of our skillful Italian artisans in Italy.", Rima added.

To support Veragano in its effort to keep Italy’s artisan craftsmanship alive, please visit to pledge your commitment and share the campaign with your professional networks. Be part of the Veragano Story today.

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