About Veragano

No more high heels? No way!

Imagine being diagnosed with Sciatica and told you might never be able to wear heels again? Rima McDonald, the founder and lead shoe designer of Veragano, does not have to anymore. 

Several years ago, a doctor diagnosed her with Sciatica and recommended she stop wearing heels to help reduce the aggravation that the shoes were causing her Sciatic nerve.

Undeterred by her diagnosis, Rima set out to solve the issue traditional heels were causing her. She was determined to create a uniquely stylish collection of premium-quality comfortable heels for the millions of professional women who struggle with their footwear while on the job. She believes women should not have to carry an extra pair of flats to run around town in or sacrifice style for comfort. 

Rima has spent four months working with suppliers and artisan shoemakers at a factory in Italy that specializes in making shoes for high-end luxury brands such as Chanel, Sergio Rossi, Dior, etc. to create the most stylishly comfortable heels and flats you have ever worn, with quality comparable to those luxury brands.  

Numerous negotiations took place between Rima and her suppliers since something like this has never been done before, not even with their high-profile clients in the last 30 years. They were skeptical at first, but they believed in her vision and mission. They worked closely with her to materialize all of her ideas for developing the most comfortable heels collection ever made. And so Veragano was born. 

Our signature line, with turquoise soles, has been designed from the ground up following feedback received from over 100 professional women in the country, solving the pain points that exist with the luxury shoe market. 

The story behind Veragano, an Italian luxury fashion brand started in San Francisco, CA.


Uniquely Stylish, Comfortable!
We've never understood why big-name brands never considered combining style, comfort, and fun when developing their luxury shoe collections. Most often, we have to choose between comfort, style, and affordability.

We knew if we could combine elegant designs, artisan craftsmanship, and premium-quality materials while making them affordable to own, while adding some elements that scream FUN, we'd have shoes that women everywhere would fall in love with.

Our Mission

Inspiring you
VERAGANO is not only about making stylish, comfortable shoes. Our mission is to inspire you to create positive first impressions and help you grow your self-confidence by sharing resources that help you cultivate your personal style and project a confident, professional image.

Personal style always starts with your shoes.

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Unrivaled Craftsmanship

Handmade in Italy
For centuries, Italy has dominated the high-quality luxury segment of the shoe market. After 18 months of searching across Italy, we finally selected a boutique factory that has produced shoes for Chanel, Sergio Rossi, Dior and more, to ensure we deliver Italy’s best to you.

Our Priority: Your Comfort

We deliberately created comfort zones around the ball, heel and toe areas with an anti-shock, energy-absorbing insole, and then lined it with a buttery-soft, breathable Nappa leather for your all-day comfort.

Buy them, try them, love them. We guarantee!


Turquoise Soles 
VERAGANO shoes come with our signature turquoise calfskin outsoles. These distinctive soles allow you to adopt an elegant signature style that is uniquely you.

Experience VERAGANO

Try them on…you will love them!
We've created something beautifully unique by combining elegant design, luxury, comfort, and fun into a range of colors, patterns, and shoes that we know you're going to love.

It's time to slip into a pair of VERAGANO shoes and begin to enjoy the feeling of confidence and authenticity.